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Photography for companies and small businesses

I offer full service photography solution for your business whether you run a hotel, an office or a clothing store. There are certainly many ways to portray your business and I, as a photographer, will be happy to help to choose the right solution. 

As a former Marketing agency owner, I have a lot to offer!


Professional taken portrait increase your credibility. It doesn’t increase your sales directly, but it affects many things that you wouldn’t expect.

Please contact me with your idea and we´ll come up with how to reach the result you wish. You have several options to choose – setup a studio at your office for a few hours for employees headshots, setup the lights for the photo in your shop or make a location portrait if you are working outside. These are the examples that just came to my mind.

If you don’t have any idea, don’t worry, I’ll make a research online or come to your place if you don’t have website yet. After a few minutes I’ll recommend the right way to do it.


You will easily tell me what emotion should the images have and I will photograph it. We’ll plan the photo shoot on sunny day, we can meet or you can leave the key somewhere for me. 3 bedroom house takes 1 to 1.5 hr to photograph. 


Do you want to capture something eye-catching for attracting new customers, past customers to come back or you just need social media content? Or you are to invite famous person and would like capture it professionally?

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