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Hi, my name is Tom Naiman

I am Ireland based WEDDING & PORTRAIT photographer, who is running a small family business with my wife Kamila.

I love natural style photos, nothing overprocessed. I love smiles, good mood and nice people. My favorite time is the time spent with children, whom I – also a proud dad – sincerely like. I like honest people. And I love nature!

Photography is not always about hapinness, time to time i love to capture dark portrait or sad documentary picture, because sadness and darkness is a part of our souls, whether we like it or not.

I left a life of a succesful business man, became the photographer and let the art inside me talking. Monies are not my highest priority, I don´t care, but I know my price. 

I offer my Wedding photography services all over the world except destinations without respect to human rights. I offer my Location and School portraits in Kerry, Ireland where I am based.



My Capabilities

Perfect equipment
Light composure
Unic vision
Focusing knowledges
Professional skills

My Services

Wedding photography

Location portrait

Business portrait

School portrait

Studio portrait

Church events

I use Perfect equipment

I use two mirrorless Sony full frame cameras with Sigma lenses, lights from Jinbei with softboxes and beauty dishes.

I carry with me spare batteries, so my cameras are never out of power.

I use double data backup – I shoot on 2 cards at the same time (one classic and one backup); I transfer the pictures from the camera to two external hard drives at the same time (mirrored). I use the latest software for post processing on a hi-end computer, so I can promise fast results.

My website is SSL protected, hosted on highly secure server and I keep the website components up to date, so my password protected client pictures proofing section is absolutely safe.

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