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Hi, my name is Tom Naiman

I am Ireland based WEDDING & PORTRAIT photographer, who is running a small family business with my wife Kamila.

I love natural style photos, nothing overprocessed. I love smiles, good mood and nice people. My favorite time is the time spent with children, whom I – also as a proud dad – sincerely like. I like honest people. And I love nature!

Photography is not always about hapinness, time to time i love to capture dark portrait or sad documentary picture, because sadness and darkness is a part of our souls, whether we like it or not.

I left a life of a succesful business man, became the photographer and let the art inside me talking. Monies are not my highest priority, I don´t care, but I know my price. 

I offer my Wedding photography services all over the world except destinations without respect to human rights. I offer my Location and School portraits in Kerry, Ireland where I am based.

My Capabilities

Perfect equipment
Light composure
Unic vision
Focusing knowledges
Professional skills

My Services


Wedding photography

Location portrait

Ring of Kerry photo tour

School portrait

Studio portrait

Church events


Business portrait

Property photo

Content creation

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