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My name is Tom Naiman, I’m Sneem photographer.

I love photography since I was young, long time it was only my leisure hobby, but now I am a fulltime photographer and I love my job!

Photography means to me Freeze the time, in a moment that will never happen again and will remain only as a memory, beautiful memory with positive feeelings, every time you look at the picture.

I consider myself as a versatille photographer,nevertheless, I chose a discipline in which I excel – PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY.

I am 37 year old former owner of an digital media agency. In 2018 I left my company and previous life in Czech republic and I moved with my wife and daughter to Sneem in SW Ireland. The mission was clear. Find safer place for my family, find better education in English spoken country for my little daughter, find quiet and less polluted place on Earth and finally start taking pictures for full time.  And it worked.

Now, as a portrait photographer I am during the week in schools, in my home studio or I take portrait pictures in households around Sneem, Kenmare and Killarney. In the weekends and bank holidays I am on weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries.

I offer my photography skills exclusivelly in Kerry area, primarily in Sneem, where I am at home. Except big destination weddings.


What I Offer

Perfect equipment
Light composure
Unic vision
Focusing knowledges
Professional skills

What can I do for you

Wedding photo

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Location portrait

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Studio portrait

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Church events

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I use

Perfect equipment

I use the mirrorless Sony A7IV full frame camera with Sigma lenses, lights from Jinbei with softboxes and beauty dishes.

I carry with me spare batteries, so my cameras are never out of power.

I use double data backup – I shoot on 2 cards at the same time (one classic and one backup); I transfer the pictures from the camera to two external hard drives at the same time. I use the latest software for post processing on a hi-end computer, so I can promise fast results.

My website is SSL protected, hosted on highly secure server and I keep the website components up to date, so my password protected client pictures proofing section is absolutely safe.

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