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Whether you’re recently engaged, travelling, or just want to celebrate your love, a couple photo shoot around KERRY is a great way to get some beautiful photos of yourselves. My sessions are relaxed, creative and a bit adventurous, if you are up for it. We’ll have a chat about what kind of location you would prefer, whether it’s iconic KERRY NATURE TREASURES or something a bit more off the beaten track.

On the day, we go for a walk, have a laugh and capture the two of you being you. I’ll give you a little direction so you don’t have to worry about what to do, but it’s all very relaxed, with no awkward posing.



Imagine this: we talk, we laugh, we maybe go for a short walk, we find patches of light, texture, structure.  We capture moments of laughter, genuine affection. It’s unbelievably relaxed, not like being photographed at all.

There is never a bad time to be creating location portraits – just take your pick and drop us a line!

Constantly changing as the year marches on, each season bringing its own unique atmosphere when it comes to location photography: the early months of spring, it’s green, fresh, cool, dewy until mid morning.As the summer approaches becoming warm, light, airy: long hot days, intense colours and hard shadows.  In the autumn, golds, oranges, reds and browns predominate: the smell of wood smoke and fireworks, apples and casseroles. Then the winter. Cold. Blue. Short days with raking sunlight. Scarves, woolly hats, thick socks and jumpers. Crystal clear light and visible breath.

Warm, cool, romantic – each season has its own beautiful character. There is never a bad time to be creating location portraits – just take your pick and drop us a line!


Commercial studio is not ready yet, but we could meet in my home studio or I can bring studio equipment to your home.

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