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Book a photographer in Kerry

Can´t find the date or booking you are looking for? Please use the contact form or write me an email here or write me on messenger – button is located in bottom right corner on my website.

Exclusively for Sneem visitors

Location portrait booking

New times slots for the upcoming week added every Sunday.

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Wedding booking

On this site you can book your appointment and be sure, that nobody book the date before you. Simply find your date of choice, click on Book an appointment and fill the form, which will pop-up. Please fill the form properly, it helps with communication and easier quotation, where needed.

You are to book the date of choice. You´ll pre-book the date in my system without paying a deposit for now. The pre-booking is valid for two weeks during our communication and after you can decide for the €400 booking fee, which is required to secure the date or free the date for someone else.

Note: If you can´t find your date of choice free in my calendar, write me an email and ask me directly. Online platforms are not error-free.

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