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My name is Tom Naiman,
I’m a photographer.

I am happy, when I discover new places, when I see pure wildlife around me, when I meet new kind people, when I see something special and I can take picture of it. I felt in love in nature and wildlife, I love kids, animals and I love people stories.

Photography is my hobby from the time I was young. And I love it! From the plan when and how to take the picture to the final product – make someone happy.

I am a former owner of an digital media agency. In 2018 I left my work and previous life in Czech republic and I moved with my family to Sneem in SW Ireland. The mission was clear. Find safer place for my family, find better education in English spoken country for my little daughter, find quiet and less polluted place on Earth and finally start taking pictures for full time.

I grew up in a very poor family, I had not my own camera and I had to borrow it. Until I made more money and I bought my first semi-profi DSLR from my early business earnings. IN MY 33! In my 36 I switched to mirrorless.

I am 50% landscape, 40% portrait and family gatterings, 10% commercial PHOTOGRAPHER. BUT! I am full of great creativity and I can invent absolutely anything, so I do not have the limits in any photo discipline. Feel free to contact me with anything you feel will be great.

My Skills

Landscape photo
Portrait photo
Wedding photo

Why Choose Me?

light composure
Professional skills
Perfect Equipment
unic vision
focusing knowledges

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